Hi! Thank you for visiting my website! My name is Christian Triana and I have been tutoring for about 4 years now. I loved the sciences and math since I was a kid, and have since then, been involved in the sciences in many ways including working in a research laboratory that studies lead poisoning in birds, working as a tutor at the university for ocean sciences and chemistry, and working as an outdoor educator teaching science and nature connection. Through these experiences, I have learned to teach a wide variety of age groups and educational backgrounds, and can adapt my teaching methods to reflect the student’s understanding and needs.

I decided to tutor full-time because I enjoy seeing students succeed in their math and science classes, and instilling the confidence that they can do it. I mean, if I can do it, you can do it! My main goal of every student that I interact with is that you really can master any subject that you want to, I don’t think that someone is “bad” at math or “bad” at chemistry. You just need someone to explain to you what the problem is asking of you, explain how to approach problems, and develop these skills so you can decipher and solve any problem that you come across. This is why I find tutoring is so effective, because it is a one-on-one environment where I can adapt my teaching style to your learning style and see results more quickly.

Through my years of teaching, I’ve developed my teaching abilities and have seen many students succeed in ways they did not expect. A big part of my teaching method is that I am very patient and understanding, and I create an environment where students feel comfortable asking questions and acknowledging what they need help with. I ask many questions throughout the session to gauge the student’s understanding, which allows me identify what we need to focus on and how to move forward. I also ask questions when solving problems to guide students into the right direction without giving out the answer.

When I am not working, you can usually find me on my bike, at the rock climbing gym, cooking massive amounts of food, reading a book or outside somewhere.



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