Hi - my name is Christian Triana! I tutor math and science classes.

During my tutoring sessions, I create an environment where students feel comfortable to ask questions, make mistakes and try their best. You will build the skills needed to approach problems, figure out what the problem is asking, effectively learn the concepts needed, and then use these skills to solve any problem with confidence.



I tutor from the middle school to the college level. Below are the subjects I tutor in:


General Chemistry, AP Chemistry


Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Algebra 2, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus


Molecular, Ecology, Evolution



Anita, Parent

"Christian tutored my son in both Physics and Geometry.  He was knowledgeable, friendly, supportive, and really helped my son feel confident and ready for exams.  We appreciated his flexibility in switching focus between two subjects as the need arose.  Great tutor."

Ana Paula, College Chemistry Student

"Christian has a fantastic way of explaining difficult material in methodical and clear ways to understand. Christian tutored me in a chemistry class that I had previously not passed, and after a few tutoring sessions with him, I felt like I had great command of the material. I ended up changing my major to chemistry after that, and I confidently say that Christian’s teaching has had a significant impact on my education."



To get in touch with me, either fill out the form or use the information below to send me an email or text.

In your message include the subject you or your student needs tutoring for, grade level, and what area you live in.




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